Mike Rapkoski

I am extremely happy and satisfied. My overall experience was positive, and Mike organized the entire real estate process so well that I had little to stress about. I've heard of many nightmare real state experiences, and I am extremely fortunate to have found Mike


We were happy with everything and we fully recommend your services.

Melanie and Karl

Mike always knew our specific needs, as we have a baby, and so they looked specifically for neighborhoods and houses that met those needs. Also very helpful when bidding on the final house - Mike took care of the stressful negotiating!


From day one, Mike took away our worries by walking us through the entire purchasing process step-by-step and answering all of our questions. His knowledge of the market and long time associations with a trusted lawyer and mortgage broker meant that our required research time, and time spend co-ordinating communication between all parties was reduced to almost zero. The entire process was actually enjoyable!

Katy and Al

Mike is a diligent, honest and personable real estate agent. We highly recommend him!

Michelle and Ian

In all honesty, he not only helped us find our "perfect home" but helped us figure out what it was that mattered to us the most in finding a new home. He helped us understand the entire process and enabled us to make decisions for ourselves which led to a very educating and enjoyable experience.


It was a year ago today that we signed the deal on our house. Just wanted to say thank you for being such a super real-estate dude! :) We love our house.

Erin and Aaron

We both would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for all your help in finding our dream condo. We are so grateful for having had your guidance, support and hard work on our side. You've helped make the daunting task of purchasing our first home almost painless!

Sandra and Dave